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"Wizards" are ones who have mastered the very "last form of Force", which the Sage Tower has inherited from the Honorable Age.
They manipulate Force to compensate their physical weakness.

like sword skills, magic spells are known to have originated in the
Lost Age, but an established theory sees the Honorable Age as the very
first time when magic became publicized combat skills,
and the
present form of magic spells were developed by the first generation of
the 7 sages. If sword skills use force to maximize physical abilities
and destructive power, magic skills are not only combat methods but
also a science that uses Force within oneself to manipulate outer
forces in creating powerful energy.

the early years of Nevareth, they used a type of Force controller
called "Force Stick" that was inherited from the Honorable Age, but as
Core Technology was retrieved and developed, they started using an
aggressive Force controller called "Orb".

is one-handed, which means that Wizards can be equipped with an orb in
both hands to double their power. It also leads them to be able to cast
multiple magic spells at the same time.

invest a lot of effort in intelligence in order to efficiently control
Force. At the same time, they do not possess much physical strength or
agility. Thus they prefer to wear light armor such as Martial Suit Set.
According to an unconfirmed theory, they avoid metallic armor because
it prevents them from close contact with outer forces. Well-experienced
wizards are said to be able to simultaneously use multiple magic spells
with ease, and inflict enormous damage just by using a simple spell.
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